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Cook Yourself Thin - New Show - Channel 4 - Monday 7th June 2.55pm

The new Cook Yourself Thin show is due to hit our screens on Monday 7th June on Channel 4 at 2.55pm with the gorgeous Gizzi Erskine at the helm.

The idea behind the show is simple – small changes can make a big difference. Little tweaks to your favourite meals can deliver delicious healthier options to help with the battle of the bulge.

Gizzi has a group of 15 people to help in the new series – 13 ladies and 2 men – who all want to learn how to cook themselves thin. Let’s meet them . . .

Billie Sheila Liv
Catia Danielle Dawn
Gunay Steve Emma
Zoe Seema Yvonne
Suzy Marion Helen


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Meet The Stars

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