Tamar’s Weight Loss Success

Tamar's Weight Loss Details
Age: 23
Height: 5'4"
Starting Weight: 10st 12lbs
Current Weight: 9st 12lbs
Weight Loss: 1 Stone

CYT Member ID: Taistylist

I have a very hectic career as a fashion stylist which sometimes makes it hard to stick to a good healthy eating routine. I am engaged to be married this September. Tamar has lost 1 stone with Cook Yourself Thin.

Weight Ups and Downs Before Cook Yourself Thin 

I have always battled with weight but my job has made it difficult (as above).

I had a breast reduction which put me out of action for a while so I wasn't able to do too much exercise! I am a self confessed foodie! I love to eat! It's what I do best!

The worst thing about being overweight for me is not feeling energetic and healthy. In a job where I am on my feet all day I could do with the extra get-up-and-go! When I feel overweight I'd rather stay in and veg!

Tamar Then

Motivation to Lose Weight

I had enough of feeling sluggish and getting engaged gave me the much needed push to do something about it.

How CYT Helps

It has changed my whole attitude to food.

I used to believe that diet food was boring but with the site and the CYT book there are so many tasty things you can have.

The forums are great for support on the tough days!!

Changes I’ve Made 

I always read the nutritional info on the back of packets now. It's not all about calories, some foods are packed with sugar and salt!

I also measure everything. It's crucial for keeping track.

I also make food in advance, such as batches of soup I can carry around with me so that I have no excuse for buying fast food.

I have been unable to go to the gym as much as I used to but just making the effort to go out for a half hour power walk with the dogs or a short jog around the park everyday is better than nothing.

The hardest thing in the beginning was monitoring portion sizes because I was used to eating so much. Now however I sometimes have trouble finishing the CYT meals.

I think that more than being a quick solution to weight loss CYT is a sustainable healthy eating programme that you can continue throughout life.

Tamar Now


The Difference Losing Weight Has Made

I feel much happier and friends have commented that I look much better for losing weight which is a great boost of course.

I got into my first pair of size 10 jeans since I was 16 - it felt amazing!!

I think I am healthier and happier since being on CYT, plus clothes look so much better without the 'muffin tops'.




Tamar’s Tips

Oh wow, I have too many to recall...

  • Measure everything
  • Think about why you are eating - are you really hungry?
  • Use the forums for inspiration and support
  • Have a goal to work towards.

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Tamar's Weight Loss Success

Tamar's Weight Loss Success

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