New Cook Yourself Thin Show

The new series of Cook Yourself Thin is due to hit our screens on 7th June with the gorgeous Gizzi Erskine as the presenter.

The fabulous anti-dieting program will show viewers how small lifestyle changes can lead to big results in the battle of the bulge. The series taps into the ‘foodie’ spirit promoting responsible weight loss and how to develop a positive relationship with food. The best part is that viewers will learn they can still indulge and shift the bulge!

Cook Yourself Thin is about keeping things simple and showing how small tweaks to your favourite meals and snacks can deliver delicious, healthy options. It is definitely not about dramatic diets, faddy foods or quick fix plans.

Tune in and follow Gizzi as she helps people who are keen to shift the pounds but don’t know how to make the changes to their diet. Gizzi shows us how to cut back on the fat without sacrificing flavour and gives us some insider tips.

Channel 4 Monday 7th June 2.55pm

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