Cook Yourself Thin Quick and Easy

Shift the bulge and still indulge with over 100 new recipes - the delicious way to drop a dress size.


The first Cook Yourself Thin was the sensation of 2007, selling 135, 000 copies in less than a year, making it the highest selling debut health book of the year.

Following the amazing success of the first book comes this brand-new collection of over 120 recipes, plus fantastic tips and real-life success stories. By popular demand there is an entire chapter devoted to chicken, most tempting desserts, family favourites (spag bol, chilli con carne) and lots of mouth-watering meals in minutes for the time poor among us.

The fact is, most of us don’t need to revolutionise our eating habits, we just need to tweak a few things. Dieticians and nutritionists agree that low-fat, low-calorie cooking skills, along with a basic knowledge of food labels and portion sizes are the key to keeping trim.

To drop a dress size in 6 weeks the average woman only needs to lose between 1 + 2lbs a week. That means fine-tuning your diet, not overhauling it. We’re saying you can eat all your favourite foods, but you have to cook your favourite dishes our way. Indulge, love your food, it should be delicious. You don’t have to give everything up to streamline your curves you just have to cook clever.

All the recipes in the book are flexible and easily adaptable, don’t involve hundreds of ingredients you’ve never heard of and are quick and easy to make.

There’s only one simple way to lose weight without losing your mind: cook yourself thin.

For the first time, the Cook Yourself Thin web site members are the authors. Members of were asked to send in their best recipes and tips in a competition, resulting in a truly collaborative book.

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Cook Yourself Thin Quick and Easy

Cook  Yourself  Thin Quick and Easy

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