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By CYT Staff Trudi Maples

Episode 15 - Helen Fudge

Helen FudgeHelen's repertoire was very limited when it came to cooking for her family. All the dishes were high in fat and she loved cook-in sauces. With Gizzi's help, Helen's cooking will be much lower in fat and not a jar or packet in sight! Read more


Episode 14 - Yvonne Yoegt

Yvonne YoegtFull English fry ups, donner kebabs and pasties made up the majority of Yvonne’s diet but she was worried she would pass her bad habits on to her son. Gizzi’s lower calorie, lower fat recipes will help Yvonne keep her and her son healthier. Read more


Episode 13 - Emma Patterson

Emma PattersonA self-confessed Dairy Queen, Emma added cream and lots of butter to almost everything. Add that to her chocolate addiction and it explains her weight gain. Can Gizzi help Emma cook lower fat, lower calorie recipes that are still full of flavour? Read more


Episode 12 - Dawn Nelson

Dawn NelsonDawn loved her food and her weight gain was definitely down to overeating. Gizzi showed her some delicious recipes with the right portion sizes to get her on the right road to losing the weight! Read more


Episode 11 - Liv Thompson

Liv ThompsonA sweetie jar, ready meals and a fat-packed chicken stir fry curry were Liv’s downfall until she met Gizzi Erskine. Gizzi showed Liv recipes for yummy strawberry cupcakes, a wicked chilli with trimmings and spicy Singapore noodles, all lower calorie and fat. Read more


Episode 10 - Marion Gibbs

Marion GibbsConvenience food was definitely Marion’s downfall with her ready meals and Chinese takeaway. Can Gizzi show her the error of her ways and help her cook food that is lower in fat and lower in calories? Read more


Episode 9 - Seema Johnson

Seema JohnsonSeema’s traditional West Indian recipes were a fat-fest that made her battle with the bulge more and more difficult. Can Gizzi’s new low fat, low calorie recipes give Seema the help she needs to cook herself thin? Read more


Episode 8 - Steve Truby

Steve TrubySteve’s downfall was fast food and takeaways but, even the meals he did cook at home were very high in calories like his Nachos. Replacing his dishes with lower calorie, lower fat versions, Gizzi can help him shift 3 stone in 6 months! Read more


Episode 7 - Danielle Wood

Danielle WoodDanielle’s favourite dishes include the Cockney classic, Pie ‘n’ Mash, a cream filled cheesecake and lashings of fizzy pop drinks. Will a combination of keepy-uppy and Gizzi’s alternative recipes get Danielle back on track? Read more


Episode 6 - Sheila Foolheea

Sheila FoolheeaWith a monster of a sweet tooth to deal with Gizzi had her work cut out this time. She had to reduce the calories in a very indulgent chocolate cake, a not-so-skinny muffin from Starbucks and a Thai Green Curry. Read more


Episode 5 - Suzy Aikman

Suzy AikmanWith a monster of a sweet tooth to deal with Gizzi had her work cut out this time. She had to reduce the calories in a very indulgent chocolate cake, a not-so-skinny muffin from Starbucks and a Thai Green Curry. Read more


Episode 4 - Zoe Harris

Zoe HarrisZoe’s ‘working girl’ diet meant that she frequented many takeaways for two of her main meals a day. Gizzi transformed Zoe’s favourite pizza, Katsu curry and breakfast baguette to help her cut down on fat and calories and shed the weight.... Read more


Episode 3 - Gunay Shekerali

Gunay ShekeraliFried Turkish breakfasts, deep fried food and his deep fat fryer were definitely the loves of Gunay’s life until he met Gizzi! She transformed his fish and chip obsession and has introduced him to a world where fried food is no longer king! Read more


Episode 2 - Catia Lopes

Catia LopesWith a sweet tooth and old school Portuguese cooking techniques, Catia is bigger than she wants to be. Tackling Catia’s love of Haagen Dazs ice cream, Portuguese Shepherd’s Pie and Roast Leg of Lamb, Gizzi can help Catia shed two stone! Read more


Episode 1 - Billie Josephs

Billie JosephsIn today’s show, Gizzi meets 60 year old, comfort cook, Billie Jospehs. Billie’s favourite recipes are her buttery fruit crumble and custard, a double portion of turkey schnitzel and Roast Chicken with all the trimmings! Read more







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