Weight Loss Success Story: Susan Colley

CYT Member ID: susan2000

Susan is 25 and her story is about the first half a stone she lost with Cook Yourself Thin. Here, in her own words, is how she did it and how she intends to carry on.

Weight Ups and Downs Before Cook Yourself Thin

I’ve always been about a size 14 but since getting together with my boyfriend the weight started to creep on and I went up to a size 16 (even some of them were tight!), I think it was due to me being content and socialising more.

My weight really got me down and the more down I felt the more I ate. I’ve never been one for snacking between meals but I noticed I was eating a lot of rubbish and the portion sizes were getting bigger.

My self confidence really went down and effected many things from the way I dressed to my sex life! Despite how I was feeling though my partner friends and family have all been great and tried to reassure me that I looked fine!

Susan Then

Susan Before Cook Yourself Thin

Motivation to Lose Weight

I got engaged to my partner of 5 years in August and we have set the wedding date for July next year.

I started my nurse training in May and wasn’t happy when I had to try my uniform on!

I have tried many “diets” which I seem to get bored with after a few weeks, so when I saw Cook Yourself Thin on TV it gave me the kick I needed!

I decided I wanted to lose some weight for the wedding and, rather than focusing on losing weight solely for that, I wanted it to be a lifetime thing so therefore needed to change the way I looked at food.

How Cook Yourself Thin Helps

The main benefits for me are the food diary and all the online support. There are some great people who have become more like friends over the months, and whenever I’m having a bad day they are always there to help and vice versa!

The recipes are great too, really easy, tasty and my bloke loves them too!

Since starting Cook Yourself Thin I have managed to lose my first half a stone and I look at food in a different way. I have never looked at calorie content before and it is so shocking the amount of calories which were in my favourite foods.

Changes I Have Made

When I first joined I wasn’t very experienced in the kitchen and the cupboards, fridge and freezer were full of rubbish. When do your first couple of CYT shops you may think it’s expensive but it does get cheaper once you have the base ingredients in the house!
I now love cooking!!!!!!!!!

I have always planned my meals for the week ready for my week’s shop, but now I look through the low calorie recipes and plan my days round these for my main meal. I am eating a more balanced diet and still get my little luxuries such as chocolate and wine!

The main change that I have noticed is that I used to have mayonnaise on everything which passed my lips, now I only have it for special occasions as the calorie content in this was a real eye opener!

I try to exercise more than I used to, I definitely have higher levels of energy.

It was really easy to make changes to my eating habits, I never feel like I’m missing out on anything as there are always alternatives or just smaller portions. I struggled to get into the habit of exercising more though.

The Difference Losing Weight Has Made

Even though I have only lost half a stone so far, I feel great and I really want to continue. A few people have noticed and made comments which are good to hear! I got wolf-whistled by a random person for the first time in years!

I also felt great when I bought a dress in a size 14 again, I can’t remember the last time that happened! My next goal is getting into 14 jeans... nearly there.

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Susan's Weight Loss Success Story

Susan's Weight Loss Success Story

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